Travel information

The conference venue is easily accessible by plane or train. From the airports, participants can travel by taxi, bus or train. And from the train stations in Maastricht and Aachen, participants can travel by taxi or bus.

We are planning a shuttle service (at own costs) from the main airports and stations at fixed times on Wednesday afternoon (arrival) and Friday afternoon (departure). We will announce the shuttle schedule and prices beginning of January (by e-mail to participants and on our website). 
If you wish to take a taxi instead, these are the estimated travel durations and fares by taxi from the major airports and train stations:
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport (Netherlands) | 35 minutes | € 45,- 
  • Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) | 60 minutes | € 135,-
  • Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (Netherlands) | 150 minutes | € 285,-
  • Brussels Airport (Belgium) | 90 minutes | € 175,-
  • Düsseldorf International Airport (Germany) | 70 minutes | € 165,-
  • Köln/Bonn/Airport (Germany) | 65 minutes | € 160,-
  • Thalys from Brussel South (Belgium) to Aachen BHF (Germany) - 65 minutes

For your stay, you can either book a room at the conference hotel or in another location nearby. Vaals and surroundings offer a wide range of places to stay, in different price categories.